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Many years ago, I felt that God told me to keep close to the Bible in my teaching - like a boat sailing close to a coastline for safety. This is why I published my books as Coastline Christian Resources. Sailing close to the coastline of the word of God! I have now handed over further publication of the books to the distributor, CLC Kingsway Trust.

I don't write books these days but continue to write free online articles which I publish on this website

John Robertshaw  

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There are 5 books:

first steps

First Steps

15 Basic Bible Studies for Christians
Suitable for new Christians and those who want a refresher of the basics.

first steps

Scenes of Life

20 Bible Studies on life issues
Ideal for Christians who want to know what the Bible says on important practical issues

first steps

Knock Knock!

5 Session thought-provoking introduction to the Christian faith for people starting from scratch

first steps

Baggage Checkout

Bible solutions to life's problems
10 Sessions to help people deal with their past, their emotions and their identity

first steps

Bible Plot

Grasping the story line of the Bible
10 Sessions to help you understand the plot of the Bible

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